Ein älteres Paar wirft auf einem Steg Blätter in die Luft

The Silver Society

People around the world are getting older and older – yet they feel younger and younger. We must adapt to the Silver Society.

Enough obsessing about youth! A society in which people are getting ever older, but staying healthy for longer, thinks and lives differently. Traditional age roles are disappearing. After retirement, which has been normal up to now, a completely new phase of life begins, creating space for self-development. Many people see it as a chance to embrace new ideas and lifestyles. A university degree, for example. Or volunteering instead of taking it easy. This development, which is often referred to as the downageing phenomenon, shows that our idea of old age will also change: a supposedly deficient state becomes a phase of life that offers new opportunities.

The downageing phenomenon

The Silver Society is emerging as a global megatrend and will change all areas of our lives. The discussion surrounding issues such as pension systems, care for the elderly, and the working lifetime will have to be reframed. There will also be immense changes in urban development, housing, transport, tourism, and the healthcare sector. Changes that make innovations necessary and from which new markets may emerge. 

Megatrend Silver Society 

Governments around the world have already set about preparing for the changing age structure with committees, programs, and legislative changes. In Germany alone, there are numerous initiatives looking at how to address the ageing yet healthy population.

(Header: Jenny Sturm – AdobeStock.com)