clic Möbel ohne Werkzeug schnell und einfach auf- und abbauen


Cleverly put together

Is there a screw loose? With the clic system, there’s no need to ask that anymore: the furniture is assembled in just a few simple steps without the need for tools.

Wood is the foundation of EGGER’s business. Since 1961, the company’s goal has been to make more out of this material. The latest example is its patented clic furniture system, consisting of prefabricated parts that can be easily assembled into a piece of furniture. Without tools, with minimal effort.

The clic cube illustrates the functional principle: the parts are connected by a tongue and groove joint milled into the wood – with just a few clicks, the cube is ready. The individual elements are made of lightweight Eurolight panels developed by Egger. Thanks to their low weight and robust workmanship, they are not only easy to assemble and dismantle, but also easy to transport. Visually, the cubes are characterized by bold colors and varied finishes. What’s more, the lack of screw connections means a flawless surface.

EGGER has patented its innovative clic system. The company offers licenses to customers from the furniture industry and has a dedicated team of EGGER experts ready to support them in product development.

(Images and video: FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co. OG)

Darstellung Aufbau der clic Möbel ohne Werkzeug
clic Möbel ohne Werkzeug schnell und einfach auf- und abbauen

EGGER CLIC – Easy & Quick

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