Eine Pflanze wächst in Erde


The megatrends of neo-ecology and sustainability influence every aspect of our everyday lives – from organic products in the supermarket to saving energy in the office.

How do we want to leave our world for future generations? What values and actions are important if our globalized society is to survive? The megatrends of neo-ecology and sustainability give us an idea: these are evident in the rising consumption of organic products, in the growing numbers of electric vehicles on our roads, and in the increased use of green technologies. The sharing economy and movements like urban farming – the local growing of food in cities – also play a role here. As does the philosophy of zero waste, which, instead of laborious recycling, aims to eliminate the production of waste in the first place. 

Sustainable development: a task for society

Our society is most likely still in the early stages of a major development that will fundamentally change the way we think and act – whether it’s personal purchasing decisions, social values, or corporate strategies. Such a development, which puts the spotlight on the environment and future generations, can, however, help companies to manage their resources more efficiently at the same time.

(Header: Pasko Maksim – AdobeStock.com)