Programmed for comfort

A home that thinks proactively is no longer a vision for the future: with a smart home system, we can conveniently control the light, electricity, and heating within our own four walls.

Switch on the TV, dim the lights, and heat rooms to a comfortable temperature at the touch of a button – with its SmartHome, innogy has developed a system that adds to the comfort of our homes and saves energy. It is suitable for both homeowners and renters and is based on a smart radio network. Via this network, household appliances, radiators, and lamps are connected to the heart of the system: the SmartHome control center. In addition to central in-house control, the control center can be accessed remotely via smartphone. Using special sensors, the system also responds to the environment, for example automatically switching off radiators when the rooms are being aired to keep energy consumption as low as possible. When the window is closed again, the heating goes back on. Modern safety and security technology to protect homes from burglary or fire can also be integrated into the control system.

In the development of the innogy SmartHome, particular emphasis was placed on safety and security, user-friendliness (“plug and play”), and comfort. The system is modular and can therefore be flexibly retrofitted. It can be installed quickly without any prior technical knowledge. Highlights include patent-pending technologies for data security in the radio network and for radio communication, and modern flush-mounted switches. It is for these reasons above all that the innogy SmartHome is one of the most successful smart home systems on the German market, according to the energy provider.

(Images and videos: innogy)

innogy SmartHome components

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innogy SE, Opernplatz 1, 45128 Essen