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The technology of tomorrow

From self-driving cars to innovative lighting technology: the German Patent and Trademark Office presents ideas with a bright future.

Patent examiner is a fascinating job that regularly involves exciting inventions. The German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) showcases some of these every year in its publication “Erfinderaktivitäten”, or “Inventor Activities”. The anthology is based on patent applications recently filed at the German Patent and Trademark Office. The latest issue provides insights into the most recent developments in various fields of technology.

Innovations in road traffic

In the field of mechanical engineering and mechanics, the experts from the German Patent and Trademark Office present novel convertible tops and Galaxie gearboxes along with their design details. Two opponents in the public debate are also outlined and examined: the combustion engine and electric mobility. Articles about autonomous road vehicles and swarm intelligence in road traffic give readers an idea of what the mobility of the future could look like.

Latest developments in semiconductor technology

Recent decades have also seen a whole host of new developments in the field of semiconductor technology, including the laser diode and the organic light-emitting diode, the structure and applications of which are presented in detail by the authors. Another idea with a future: silicon carbide wafers, a material that could herald a new era in component manufacturing.

The anthology “Erfinderaktivitäten 2018/2019” by the German Patent and Trademark Office is a potpourri of inventions we may soon encounter, some of which will help us be more eco-friendly and make our everyday lives easier.

(Header image and in the article: naka – AdobeStock, laser diode in the article: in the public domain, wikimedia)

Laser diode in 5.6mm housing
Siliziumkarbid Halbleiter
Silicon carbide semiconductor