Eine Großstadt gränz an einen Wald


How capable of action and change is a society? Our cities provide the answer. Urbanization is a major topic of our times.

Wherever interests are exchanged, innovations grow, and business takes place – this is where life is concentrated. This is especially the case in urban structures and is why cities have long been a driver of society. 
While the expansion and optimization of urban structures in the course of urbanization are progressing comparatively slowly in western countries, cities in emerging and developing nations are rapidly growing into megacities. Their infrastructural, ecological, and economic development presents a major task for our society.

The urbanization of society

Urbanization also means new forms of networking and mobility. Big data, in other words the collection, processing, and analysis of huge amounts of data, plays a significant role in this. For example, smart city technologies support city residents on their journeys to work, when shopping, or when looking for a parking space. The technologies linked to this data serve to make life more pleasant and reduce complexity in cities. 

Megatrend: urbanization

Urban gardening and urban farming are also all the rage. These involve transforming unused land and other spaces into places to grow food and for recreation – allowing residents to spend time with nature even in the city. What’s more, the city is becoming a production location again, evidenced by the growing number of small businesses producing lifestyle products, clothing, gourmet food, furniture, and other products. One major advantage they have is their proximity to the customer. These are just some of the many ways that urbanization is influencing the way we live, think, and work in today’s society.

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